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I may finally get my own sonic screwdriver after all....

Coming just in time for the holidays (and the Doctor Who 2010 Christmas special): new Wii and DS games featuring none other than our beloved Doctor. Says CNet, “Matt Smith and Karen Gillan reprise their roles as the trusty Time Lord and feisty, flame-haired companion Amy Pond, both of whom will be playable characters as you take on the Daleks and Cybermen.” But that’s not all, folks: available with the Wii game is—wait for it—a new custom Wiimote in the form of a sonic screwdriver.

Too much? Maybe. But it's going on my Christmas list, heh.

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(Images: Nintendo, via Wikipedia and Nintendo Magazine)


Eruesso said…
No freaking way!
Benjamin Ady said…
that is the kewlest ever. Thank you for letting us know about it, Carmen!