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A few of my favorite things about Fall

While Summer may be desperately trying to hang on in these parts (it’s forecast to be over 90F today), Fall is irrevocably here. I know, because the calendar tells me this is the first full day of the season. And in honor of its arrival, here are 10 things I love about it:
1. I can finally open the windows and crank Pavarotti. His tenor is too big for enclosed spaces.

2. The feel of the sun on my blue jeans and favorite T-shirts.

3. The patchwork-quilt color of the trees. I know, I know. A few weeks later I’ll be complaining about all those leaves on my yard, but I’ll enjoy them while they are hanging pretty.

4. And when those leaves finally do fall, I’ll be able to see the big blue, wide sky again.

5. Snuggling under the extra blanket on the bed. And the couch.

6. Watching the wind blow the leaves out of my yard so I don’t have to.

7. The smell of wood burning in fireplaces.

8. Soups. Lots of soup. And fresh bread.

9. Breaking out the knitting needles.

10. How the tilt of the earth brings those bright rays of sun straight through my windows again.

(Image: mine)