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My Fantasy Bucket List

The other day, I was watching with my kids Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban and that got me thinking about all the things I'd love to do from the universes, lands and stories I've read and seen over the years. So, here's a Bucket List of 10 things I would like to do--if they were real, heh:

1. Ride a hippogriff
2. Go through a stargate
3. Learn to golf from Bagger Vance
4. Feast in Rivendell
5. Fly a viper
6. Learn to use a light saber—and the Force
7. Take a nap on a totoro
8. Own a sonic screwdriver (which, of course, would entail meeting the Doctor)
9. Live in Eureka
10. Go through the wardrobe
How about you?

(Image: Buckbeak from HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban, Warner Bros. via Harry Potter Wiki)


Joe McBee said…
LOVE this idea. My partial list:

1. Bury my face in Aslan's mane and feel his breath on my face.

2. Learn to use a light saber and the force.

3. Spend an afternoon in a holodeck program.

4. Spend all day eating, smoking and telling stories with Hobbits.

5. Enter a book with Thursday Next.

6. Explore the Fortress of Solitude.

7. Get a super power and join the Justice League.

8. Be Carter's Deputy in Eureka.

9. Spend all day rummaging through Warehouse 13 with Artie.
Carmen Andres said…
ooo, that Warehouse 13 rummaging sounds really enticing!
Ken Brown said…
I think I'd pass on the hippogryph ride, though that's gotta be better than flying on a thestral! And while a sonic screwdriver would be great, a ride in the tardis would be so much better.

I definitely agree about the startgate, a viper, Rivendell, a light-saber, Eureka, the wardrobe and Warehouse 13. I'd also like to journey to the center of the earth, see a Dyson-sphere, fly the Millennium Falcon, visit Mars as seen in Out of the Silent Planet, blow up the Death Star, meet Tom Bombadil, see Minis Tirith in its prime, and own the Elder Wand (without anyone knowing I had it, of course!)... just to name a few.
Carmen Andres said…
ooo, i like the Dysonsphere idea and seeing Minus Tirith at its height would be amazing!

heh, for what it's worth, being the one who takes care of most of the home repairs, ect., i'd find the sonic screwdriver very valuable :)
Ken Brown said…
Ah but with the Elder Wand a quick Repairo! is all you need! ;)
Carmen Andres said…
i wonder if i could use the Elder Wand to mow the yard, hmm ....
Jason said…
OK this great idea was too good to pass up. Maybe you have started a trend.

10. Go for a drive through the Phantom Tollbooth

9. Spend a couple weeks on Perelandra.

8. Go on an expedition with Professor Challenger

7. Explore the Narnian Countryside with a talking mouse and a marshwiggle

6. Go for a “walk” with Gandalf

5. Visit Jurassic Park without all the chaos

4. Discover a monstrous evil and take it on like in Dracula, The List of Seven or The Historian

3. Help Sherlock Holmes solve a case in Victorian England

2. Attend a year at Hogwarts

1. Travel in the TARDIS with the Doctor

I add a few more details and caveats over at NonModernBlog:
Carmen Andres said…
i can't believe i forgot about JURASSIC PARK! that one is definately #11 on my list :)