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Eureka's best BSG moment

As the result of one of those constant technological mishaps common in Eureka, in "The Ex-Files" several members of the community are seeing hallucinations of people from their past. Carter is seeing Stark, Allison is seeing Tess, and Grant is seeing a colleague from his past--who is encouraging Grant to work against his current colleagues. When Allison asks Grant who he is seeing, he conjures up a cover:

Allison Blake: You never said who you were seeing.

Charles Grant: Tall, leggy blond, slinky red dress.
Of course, Battlestar Galactica fans geeked out at this as it is the perfect description of the Cylon model Six that only Gaius Baltar could see--Baltar being James Callis' role on BSG. BSG is also a SyFy series and references aren't unusual on Eureka, but this by far is one of the best. Must admit, I almost missed it--it was my husband who caught it first. Heh.
(Images: Syfy)