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Comic-Con 2010 'Caprica' trailer

Above is the trailer shown at Comic-Con 2010 for the second season of Caprica, the Battlestar Galactica prequel series that began earlier this year. This trailer begins with both written and spoken words that accentuate one of the main themes of the series—one with overt religious language and undertones. The first words spoken in the trailer ask: "So you want to serve God--or do you want to be God?" As we listen to these words and watch images from the upcoming season, we also see these words scroll over the screen:

On Caprica, controlling life and death is just the beginning. From the producers
of Battlestar Galactica comes the epic story of humanity’s fall.

Interesting turn of phrases, as many see the biblical Fall a result of man's desire to be God. It will be interesting to see how these themes play out next season. While Caprica has not been as solid as its predecessor, it has brought God-talk into these open spaces. And I must admit, I’ve missed it lately.

Oh, two words of warning about the trailer above: some violence and scenes containing sexual imagery. Also, there’s a really long commercial at the beginning. Sigh.