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Who says commericals can't be art?

Above is a “story-ad” (short film) called "The Gift" by Carl Erik Rinsch, who’s been slated as the latest director for the Logan’s Run remake. According to Wired, it is one of five story-ads produced for Philips by Ridley Scott’s RSA Films, and I found the five-minute short captivating. (Friendly warning, there is one short moment of somewhat graphic violence in the film.)

It’s been labeled dystopian—and it does have that feel—but I couldn’t help but consider that what’s in the “gift” (and what happens to the “gift” at the very end) to be a strong symbol of hope and the uncanny ability of hope and life to survive—or as the Doctor puts it, “life will out.”

I, for one, would like to see what Rinsch would do with Logan’s Run.