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TV Snapshot: When we need saving

In the recent “Upgrade” episode of Smallville, Clark has been infected by red kryptonite, which (as Chloe wittily puts it) turns the young yet-to-be Superman “into the bad boy every girl dreams of—in her nightmares.” Working with Chloe, John Corben (Smallville’s version of Metallo) tracks Clark to the Fortress of Solitude, which Clark has just revealed to Zod. When Corben approaches Clark with a piece of sharp, dagger-shaped green kryptonite, Clark weakens and collapses. Corbin walks over and stands above Clark, informing him that “someone who cares about you sent me here to save you.”

Clark sneers at him.

Clark: And this is my lucky day to be saved?

Corben (kneeling down next to him): Take it from someone’s who been there. We don’t always know when we need saving.

Corben stabs Clark with the green kryptonite and his eyes flash red as the red kryptonite’s infection leaves him. Corben has freed Clark.

Smallville is in its ninth season and was just renewed for one more—and scenes like the one above make me glad for that. The series is amping up the messianic themes associated with the Superman mythos, and the language and themes exploring salvation, redemption and sacrifice are moving to the forefront more often.

(Image: CW via Movie Web)


sattler said…
Hi Carmen, good to say hello. I've enjoyed dipping into your blog today. As I don't own a TV at least I can watch it vicariously through your reviews.


Karen said…
I liked that scene too. Great write up!