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Random Beliefs Meme

It all comes down to fair play. I tagged Jeremy of Free Old Testament Audio on the Bible Movies Meme, so he tagged me on the Random Beliefs Meme, which was started by Doug Chaplin. According to Chaplin, “Here’s the idea. Post a collection of 10 things you believe, ethical, philosophical or theological. You choose how much to connect them or make them coherent: do you want people to know where you belong, or do you want to mix and match to keep them guessing? I encourage you not to aim for a totally coherent credal statement of faith, and I also encourage you to put one or two in about controversial topics.” So, here you go:

1. I believe it all comes down to love—real Love.

2. I believe salvation and redemption are not doctrines but a radical, challenging, humbling, frustrating, freeing, breathtaking, amazing-love-beyond-imagination relationship.

3. I believe Jesus is who he says he is and can do what he says—and I believe when we trust God is who he says and can do what he says that, somehow, someway, we discover that God's Spirit is in us—living and breathing God. I can’t explain it, but that’s the way Paul puts it and that’s how I experience it.

4. I believe life is a journey and not a destination.

5. I believe there is extraterrestrial life out there, somewhere, in the universe. (Luckily, I think I'm in good company.)

6. I believe music is ethereal.

7. I believe I don’t know as much as I think I do about most things—and that I know more than I think I do about others.

8. I believe the glass is half empty—and half full.

9. I believe curry must be leftover from Eden; nothing else can explain the near mystical experience I have when I smell, cook with or taste it.

10. I believe there is no conflict between faith and science.

And, who do I tag?! A lot of those I would tag have already been tagged, and I just tagged a bunch of others a few days ago for the other meme. So, Lauren, I’m sorry, but you didn't play last time so you’re on deck again. And Beth, if you have time you might find this fun. Ken, you tagged me, so guess what? You’re tagged, too. Fair play, and all that. Heh. Anyone else who wants to play, feel free!