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Food for thought: Sci-fi and God

From The Gospel According to Science Fiction: From the Twilight Zone to the Final Frontier by Gabriel McKee:
Powers beyond our everyday understanding do exist, and there is mystery and wonder to be found in the vast reaches of the universe. SF has explored the idea of divinity in countless ways, speculating as to what sort of gods we may encounter in our unimagined future. Its authors have frequently portrayed gods that exist within the realm of scientific explanation--aliens that control powers beyond our understanding, human beings who have raised themselves to a higher level of existence, or computers that exhibit near supernatural abilities. Just as frequently, however, SF writers have described beings outside the reach of today's science: galactic minds, extradimensional entities, and vastly powerful intelligences that guide the universe. In showing us new ways of thinking about God, SF writers challenge our understanding of both Creator and creation, presenting definitions of divinity that encompass both science and fiction.
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