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TV Snapshot: We need each other

AJ once told me that the idea of man knowing everything about something is folly. His word not mine. He said that man by his very nature is dependent on other men. We need each other to survive. The problem is getting anyone to admit that. As a species, we pride ourselves on being self-sufficient. Why ask a stranger for directions? We’d rather stay stubborn and lost.…

Like it or not, man by his very nature is dependent on other men. We call ourselves explorers, independent, courageous. But what are we without the support of our brothers? I mean, how far do we really get if we try to do everything alone? When the simplest, smallest thing can bring the whole world around you grinding to a halt, I want peace of mind. I want to rely on my brother. I know that he’ll find the wrench if I don’t.

--Donnor’s opening and closing monologue during the “H2IK” episode of Defying Gravity, which you can see here

Of course, I was immediately enthralled upon the opening monologue to this episode of Defying Gravity--but I was even more captivated when in the latter half of the episode Paula shows compassion for Steve who had been rather callous towards her in her own suffering in a previous episode. At one point, Steve asks Paula if her compassion is a “Jesus-and-turneth-thou-cheeketh-thing.” While Paula responds that it’s “not about the Jesus thing” but about making sure he doesn’t die, I think she actually gets at a central aspect of the reason Jesus said what he did in the first place. And that adds depth to whole idea and Donnor's monologue, don’t you think?

(Image: ABC)