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Food for thought: Worship and mission

Excerpt from "Worship-shaped churches? Get real and get over them!" by David Muir at Share the Guide blog:
Our challenge today is to create churches where the primary reason people join is the particular focus of its mission. Such churches will find worship hard – as hard as the worship-shaped churches find mission. Worship will not be the emotional powerhouse that it is for worship-shaped churches. But it will also not need to be. 'Gathering for mission' is what will give a mission-shaped church energy, and will keep it on track as a mission-oriented church.

I am among those who enjoy gathering with other believers to sing and worship together, but I think Muir has a point we can not ignore. Read the rest of the article here.
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Don Hendricks said…
Carmen, I would be interested in your take on a recent PCA Church that built a brand new recreation of a Gothic cross shaped church with an expensive organ to serve the needs of a 15 year old congregation in Nashville. See Imonk for the discussion and video
Carmen Andres said…
wow! that is a fascinating discussion. heh, as i read the first half of his post i had nagging thoughts about art and expression. i was thrilled to see that he addressed that in the second half of the post. the comments afterwards build on that uncomfortable tension he mentions.

i didn't watch the video (no time right now) but i wonder if what brought those folks together isn't an echo of what muir is saying--they weren't drawn together by worship but by *mission*. something to think about.