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Food for thought: Bringing the presence of the King

From Renovation of the Heart by Dallas Willard:

This impotence of "systems" is a main reason why Jesus did not send his students out to start governments or even churches as we know them today, which always strongly convey some elements of a human system. They were, instead, to establish beacheads of his person, word, and power in the midst of a failing and futile humanity. They were to bring the prescence of the kingdom and its King into every corner of human life simply by fully living in the kingdom with him.

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Don Hendricks said…
I am finding it very difficult to continue a normal ministry in my conservative retirement community.

Finding Willards viewpoint five years ago reenergized my whole ministry and his point is our only hope or we will continue to degenerate into a mess of pottage.
Carmen Andres said…
don, i share your quandry. i'm still trying to figure exactly how to deal with it all--heh, thus this blog continues.