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Some bloggy God-talk

1. It looks like Kings—a modern day spin on the biblical King David saga—has been cancelled (HT Peter Chattaway), though it also looks like the remaining episodes will still be seen on NBC starting June 13. At SF Gospel, Gabriel Mckee wonders if network squeamishness about religion killed the series. I wonder if it had something to do with why good series get cancelled.

2. Speaking of cancelled series, the official word came down that Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was cancelled as well. Mckee says that while he thinks the series might be “the best thing the Terminator franchise ever offered up,” he’s not that upset to see it go. For those going through withdrawal, there is the latest film in the franchise and, in more general terms, Peter Chattaway looks at how Sarah Connor may actually have made the war worse.

3. For more miscellaneous God-talk in film, Ken Brown feels somewhat conflicted about Star Trek, and so does Gabriel Mckee. Jason has some interesting thoughts about Fright Night and vampire flicks, while Joe didn’t find much to like about 7 Pounds.

4. And for all you Lost fans going through withdrawal, check out Dr. McGrath’s posts at Exploring Our Matrix. Mckee, on the other hand, is going to wait until the series is over before he gives the series too much analysis. And you also might want to visit Jorge Garcia’s blog, Dispatches from the Island. Heh, there’s no God-talk on this one but the guy has a humorous way of viewing the world.

5. Back to God-talk subjects, take a look at some thoughtful (and biblical) arguments for The Work of Idleness and a Defense of “Meaningless Fun.”