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More talk about the 'Book of Eli'

USA Today (hat tip ComingSoon) has posted some photos from the upcoming post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller, Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington as the lone man "who fights his way across a desolate America to protect a book that may hold the key to mankind’s survival" (or, as Wikipedia puts it, "a lone hero" who "guards the Book of Eli, which provides knowledge that could redeem society"). Besides the photos (and a bit of explanation about their context), the bit also includes some interesting tidbits that hint at the film's spiritual themes/content:
At first, Albert [Hughes, who codirects with brother Allen] says, the script “seemed a little too spiritual or something…. But then I slept on it, and the next morning I couldn’t get the story out of my head. That’s when you know you should do a movie.”

Eli follows on the heels of movies such as Terminator Salvation, Knowing and The Happening in depicting the end of the world. “This is the first time in recent history that I can remember where it feels like America is, at its core, vulnerable,” says Allen Hughes. “We’re mortal. After 9/11, the reaction showed how thin that line is between order and chaos. It feels like we’re at a boiling point. That’s why these themes of redemption and salvation are so powerful now.”

Interesting--both the themes and why Hughes thinks they are so powerful.
(Image: Warner Bros Pictures)