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Married 20 years today: My heart has found its home

.... among your books
among your clothes
among the noise and fuss
I've let it go
I can stop and catch my breath
and look no further for happiness
and I will not turn again
cause my heart has found its home

--from Dido's "Look No Further," Safe Trip Home

(Image: mine)


Don Hendricks said…
Now that is a milestone, and warm congratulations to you both, and the offspring of said union. I'd say this anniversary needs a trip somewhere alone.

Also, your long articles lately have been very insightful, just want you to know your writing is being read and used in the lives of others.

Don in AZ
Tami Chaffee said…
Happy Anniversary, my friends!
Anonymous said…
Wonderful! Congratulations.
Karen said…
Aww, that's sweet. Congrats!
Carmen Andres said…
thanks, all!