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TV Snapshot: Why we had to save you

Warning: Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen last night's episode of Heroes.

In "Turn and Face the Strange," Hiro has just rescued Matt Parkman from Danko, the man who’s in charge of hunting down all those with powers. Matt had gone to confront Danko over the death of his girlfriend, Daphne, who had been shot by Danko’s men and later died. Parkman was planning to shoot Danko’s girlfriend in revenge, but couldn’t do it. He dropped his gun and was going to let Danko shoot him when Hiro stopped time and moved Matt out of the room.

Matt: I know you meant well, Hiro, but I didn’t ask to be rescued.

Hiro: Dr. Suresh told us about your plan. It is one thing to defend yourself but a true warrior knows the difference between a righteous battle and—

Matt interrupts him, angry—

Matt: —and what, retribution? See that’s where you’re wrong. It’s the only the thing the other side understands.

Hiro: But that is why we are better them. That is why we had to save you.

(Image: NBC) heroesctgy