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TV Snapshot: It's another thing to see it

John Locke sits beside the bed of an unconscious Ben Linus, who had strangled John weeks before and then made sure his body was transported to the island, where John is resurrected and alive once more. When Ben wakes up, he sees John and is in awe:

Ben: My God. You're alive.

John: Yes, I am.

Ben: I knew it. I knew that this would happen.

John: Then why are you so surprised to see me?

Ben: Because it's one thing to believe it, John. It's another thing to see it.

--from the "Dead is Dead" episode of Lost

More than one person has noted the messianic allusions associated with John Locke, but I was more struck by Ben's experience of seeing that which he had faith would happen appear before him. While Ben is not the character I would choose to give this revelation to, heh, I must say that I do appreciate his articulation of the experience. It is indeed one of those amazing moments in life to see that in which you have faith play out in the here-and-now.

(Image: ABC) lostctgy