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More bloggy and other God-talk

1. The Tall Skinny Kiwi muses on Twitter and how it can help us to exhort each other daily--but offers a scriptural warning as well. Heh, I love how Jones sees this stuff.

2. Film critic Roger Ebert muses about what he believes (and doesn't believe) about God. One of the more interesting quotes from Ebert (in my humble opinion, of course) comes in the comments section (in which Ebert responds surprisingly and consistently often): "I agree with the teachings of Jesus, as I understand them. Unspeakable things have been ascribed to him. It has gotten almost to the point that when someone mentions the name Jesus to me, I know they are not talking about the one of my understanding." (Hat tip Peter Chattaway.)

3. Trek Movie got a sneak peak at a May issue Wired essay by (and interview with) J.J. Abrams, in which Abrams muses on his love of mystery--and laments the disappearance of mystery in today's culture. In particular, I was struck by his comments about how our demand for constant and right-now behind-the-scenes information and spoilers (of which, I must admit, I crave on occasion) spoils the experience of story and hints that all of that makes it harder on storytellers to tell good stories. And I'm thinking that perhaps may be one more contributing factor towards why good television series are getting cancelled. (Hat tip Peter Chattaway.)

4. Gina R. Dalfonzo reflects on the God-talk and themes of divine justice and darkness and light in Alfred Hitchock's films at Breakpoint. (Hat tip Thunderstruck.)

5. Ken Brown muses on the sad effect of the lack of adult involvement on teens, and explores that in the film Better Luck Tomorrow.

6. Jason goes all stream of consciousnesses after seeing Monsters vs. Aliens.

7. Joe considers an alternative to TV Turnoff Week.