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How we spent our afternoon

Today, my kids and I stopped by the Jefferson Memorial with my best friend (above), who arrived last night and spent today with us on her way through the D.C. Metro area. She and I talked into the way wee hours of the morning about writing, family, Jesus, what it means to be God's people, and our dreams and hopes for the people of God. Being with her is like drinking long and deep of the Spirit. She is the closest thing I have to a sister, and her love for Jesus spills out all over me and my family. She really sees me, and that helps me see myself the way God sees me. May I be that kind of a blessing on others.

(Images: mine)


Don Hendricks said…
Carmen, the way you describe the bond you share with your friend was so beautiful that I was struck with an emotion that that was like a semi sanctified envy. We guys just have lost our ability to share that kind of spiritual bond, and I envy you a semi sanctified manner.

Don in AZ
Carmen Andres said…
i do count myself very fortunate to have walked into her time and space :) God is good.