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A few tidbits

Had a great day, but I'm exhausted. However, here are few tidbits I've found intereting over the last few days:

1. At FilmChatBlog, Peter Chattaway has a list of biblical and religious film and TV newsbites--including the info that we won't be seeing any new Kings episodes until June. Oh, that does not bode well. Sounds like another good television story is well on its way to getting the boot. There's also news on the film development of the The Year of Living Biblically and Angels & Demons, the sequel-prequel to Da Vinci Code (you can also see another interesting tidbit on the latter film here.)

2. Ken has a review up of the God-talking Battlestar Galactica sequel-prequel, Caprica. I haven't seen it yet, but plan on it as soon as I can get my hands on it. By the way, Ken has some pretty interesting things to say in response to my recent post on Twilight--great conversation.

3. Speaking of Twilight, Karen has some updates on the sequel to that film over at her blog that follows the quirky and multicultural in film, television and music. I've gotten some great film suggestions from Karen, so a peek in at her blog is well worth it. Check out her Think Virtue venue as well. They've both been added to my sidebar.

4. Heh, I don't think Jason liked Atonement. Haven't seen it, so I can't comment on that one. And I don't think he liked Transformers, either--but that one I can comment on. The person I saw it with fell asleep and left me to suffer through it all on my own! (You know who you are.) Well, it wasn't that bad, but I couldn't help but grin at Jason's reasoning for the film's success.

5. Over at SF Gospel, Gabriel McKee has been reviewing science fiction, including the failure of humanity in Day of the Triffids and Greg Bear's Forge of God.


Karen said…
I hope Kings doesn't get cancelled before I have the chance to really check it out. I keep meaning to DVR it but I forget. And thanks for the linkage!