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I’m a few days late on the uptake, but if you haven’t already, take a gander at Susan Boyle’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent. When I "tweeted" after I watched her performance, Ken at C-Orthodoxy asked if she was perhaps the female version of Paul Potts—whom, I must admit, I’d not ever heard of. But, oh my goodness, yeah. After viewing his audition, I would say so.

I wish I could think of something truly profound to say about all this. I’m awed by music and especially by folks who can sing (something I can’t do worth a whit). And when it comes in the form of ordinary, everyday folks, it is all the more breathtaking. Maybe that has something to say about how I allow myself to be drawn into the myth perpetuated by our advertising, media and the Hollywood-like culture that we must be extraordinarly beautiful in order to be gifted. And perhaps all this also has something to say to those of us who walk in the kingdom, this amazing and incredible beauty which is gifted to us in forms we don’t we expect. But perhaps we should. May God give me eyes to really see.


Tami Chaffee said…
I watched this last night. She was FABULOUS. Everyone made fun of her, but as soon as she started to sing you could see the astonishment on their faces and they almost all jumped out of their seats. Truly awesome.
Carmen Andres said…
i actually teared up the first time i watched it, heh. i must have watched it three or four times already.