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Snow day

Well, finally! We've had the most pathetic winter this year--only a couple of inches of snow up until now. Last night, the "Monday Mega-Storm" (heh, as the Weather Channel has dubbed it) swept through Virginia and dumped anywhere between three to nine inches in the D.C. Metro area. My friend down the street measured six inches on her deck. It sure felt like six inches as I shoveled the driveway and sidewalk, heh. But I must admit, it was simply beautiful. And cold.

( The pictures above are from my back deck; the one below is in the woods behind our house; and the bottom one is a tree in my friend's front yard.)

(Images: mine)


Anonymous said…
We got our first measurable snow in nine years down here in Birmingham. It snowed early Sunday morning, the kids played, then it melted by mid afternoon. Not a bad way to deal with snow.

Carmen Andres said…
i saw that birmingham got snow! our snow should be gone by saturday, when we are supposed to have 68F weather. thank goodness.