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Inhaling a taste of Spring

That was the temperature outside my truck yesterday afternoon. Granted, we were in a parking lot, which was about eight or nine degrees warmer than the majority of the rest of the area. But, still. My goodness, I was in heaven. Today, it was still actually warm enough to open the truck's windows and walk about without a jacket.

A few weeks ago, Holly (who lives in the deep cold of Alaska) wrote a great post on her blog about a burst of not-so-cold weather in her neck of the woods:
. . . . It felt good to feel air against my skin. It felt good to take deep breaths and feel my lungs fill with outdoor air for the first time in what seemed like forever. I felt lighter than air when I didn't take my coat out of the car and wore just a sweatshirt. For a moment, I chose to believe that sandal days are coming and to remember what it felt like to wiggle your toes in your shoes and feel a gentle breeze. I actually thought the muddy slush was beautiful because I chose to believe that spring was on its way and that soon there would be green grass, flowers, and chirping birds. The sun peaked out from the clouds and it was beautiful. For a moment, in the middle of the day, I felt spring in my heart, as if all my burdens had been lifted and it was the most glorious, beautiful thing in the world. . . .

Sitting in my truck, with the windows down, I felt exactly the same way--lighter, happier, and hopeful. I know I've done a lot of longing for snow this winter, but I can feel my heart turning towards Spring, warmth and new life. Yes, I am longing for that change of season.

Tomorrow? The weather folk tell us it will be cold once more with a chance for an inch or so of snow. Here's hoping their wrong this time. Here's hoping Spring comes early this year.