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Friday nights and God-talk

In the wake of being sick this week, one of the things I didn't get around to posting on was the premiere of last Friday’s amazing line up of sci-fi: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica. Really, it’s a sci-fi geek’s paradise, heh. Anyway, all three series shared some amazingly similar themes that brought a plethora of God-talk into open spaces. Since I didn't get around to it, I wanted to draw your attention to a few bloggers who picked up on all that. First, check out Gabriel McKee at SF Gospel, who wrote up an excellent piece on the theme of free will “with plenty of flawed creations rebelling against their makers thrown in for good measure.” Then check out Dr. McGrath at Exploring Our Matrix, who focuses on “Machines named John and their Questions for God.” And while she doesn’t talk about Dollhouse or T:TSCC, Barbara Nicolosi at Church of the Masses gives us her analysis of BSG and where it’s headed.

Check them out—and, if you’re up for it, settle into your couch with a bowl of popcorn and watch the next installments in each series tonight.

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SolShine7 said…
Friday has become one of my favorite nights to DVR. There's SCC, BSG and the football drama Friday Night Lights (which has it's own God-talk at times). I tried to get into Dollhouse but just couldn't sink into the 1st episode (I tried to watch it twice).
Carmen Andres said…
i'm not enjoying "dollhouse" all that much either. i'm watching it more out of homage to whedon than anything else.

and i've heard that about "friday night lights" -- maybe i'll check that one out on dvd . . .