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Capturing a ‘Lost’ moment, heh

Those left behind on the island are paddling around it to get the Orchid Station when another boat shows up behind them and begins firing shots. They try to paddle faster, but the other boat is gaining on them. Suddenly, the light that signals they are about to move through time begins to grow and Sawyer looks heavenward and shouts with joy—

Sawyer: Thank you, Lord!

Heh, but when the light fades, they find themselves in the middle of night with rain and waves all around them. Sawyer looks heavenward again, this time with not so much joy—

Sawyer: I take that back!

"Little Prince" was a good episode, full of great little moments. We discover just what lengths Ben will go to in order to meet his agenda. We find out Sun’s anger and revenge are moving right along—and we also find out it is all for naught (read the last line of the episode summary here for that spoiler, if you want to know). We hear Locke acknowledge that suffering can bring maturity. And we get the moment above, which wouldn’t have been nearly as funny if it wasn’t Sawyer—one of the less, um, “spiritual” of the survivors—screaming out those words.

Update: For more thoughts on Lost, see Dr. McGrath's at Exploring Our Matrix (be forewarned, spoilers be there, heh).

(Images: ABC) lostctgy