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Okay, now tell us what you REALLY think, heh

In case all you Battlestar Galactica viewers haven't seen it yet, you're invited to take a gander into the thoughts of none other than Dirk Benedict (who, in case you're not a true BSG geek and don't already know this, originated the Starbuck role in the original 1970s series) and his no-holds-barred opinions about the current incarnation of BSG (hat tip to the Frak blog). Heh, not that most of us didn't already know that he wasn't all that thrilled with the newer version, but he really doesn't hold anything back in this Jan. 19 post at Big Hollywood (where, at the time of my posting, his post has generated 462 comments). Friendly word of warning, some of you might find it a bit offensive at points, heh.

(Image: Battlestar Wiki) bsgctgy