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It's only Wednesday but it sure feels like it should be Friday

It's been a full couple of days in these parts. It started out with flurries on Monday, then several inches of snow on Tuesday. Which in our household means everything else stops and almost all the daylight hours--from early morning to late afternoon--are spent outdoors sledding, making forts for snowball fights and generally frolicking about. It also means multiple trips to the clothes dryer to dry out the kids' jackets, snowsuits and gloves, as well as making lots of hot chocolate and crescent rolls (the snowday snack of choice in our family) for my kids and their friends. Which also means a very tired me by the end of the day, heh, and explains the lack of posts in these parts.

Then last night, the ice storm that hit the Midwest so hard came through here. We didn't get it nearly as bad, but with three inches of snow already on the ground, even the 1/10 inch or so we got turned the snow and all other surfaces into a crusty, slick mess that made time for little else today other than shoveling and scraping driveways and walkways (and taking a trip to the doctor and the pharmacy for a croupy five-year-old). Heh, I wrote this post during a break from and after I finished scraping packed-tight snow and ice off the driveway.

On a last note, my husband drove my truck to the Metro yesterday and left at the top of the hill last night in case our street was too slick to get up this morning; when I hiked up to get it around 10 a.m., it was covered with a bumpy layer of the stuff (below). Amazing.

All this stuff is pretty incredible to a girl who grew up in the deserts of Arizona where snow was a far-off dream and the closest we got to ice was frost on our windshields. So, right now I'm just plain tuckered out. And, if you don't mind, I'm going to make some hot soup for dinner and call it a night.

(Images: mine)