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A cold morning on the Mall

Today, while the kids were in school, I drove into D.C. to meet my husband at work for lunch. I went in a couple of hours early so I could take a gander at the inauguration preparations on the Mall. I parked up by the Capitol (above) and wasn't all that surprised to see the Reflecting Pool with thin sheets of ice on portions of it (below). It was really cold--in the 30s, the same temps predicted for the 20th. I'm beginning to feel a little better about not being able to go. Brrr.

After about 45 minutes outside, I felt like a thin sheet of ice, too. So, I slipped into my favorite spot on the mall, The National Gallery of Art (that's the eastern hall below). I could barely move my mouth to say hello-how-are-you to the guards as they searched my bag.

I stumbled to my favorite room (the one with the Van Goughs) and sat on the couch there until I thawed out. Quite the wonderful way to warm up, staring at a wall of brilliant brush strokes (below).

After I could move my fingers and toes again, I spent about an hour soaking in art and warmth before I braved the walk back to where I parked. It was a grand morning, but I must admit the cold really zapped me. I'm tired--and I'm not envying the folks who'll be on the Mall next Tuesday so much anymore, heh.

(Images: mine)