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Blessed Day

Since his creation of time and space, God’s intent was to lavish good and life upon and within us. In the beginning, we walked openly in the wide-open spaces of his holy Love, wrapped unfettered in his glory, right-ness, goodness and grace.

Then came that day when we tore ourselves from him, when our hearts ripped and broke, when the cancer that is sin greedily scuttled through the wounds and with a dark hunger ravaged our very core.

How deep was his grief? Was it in a hallowed rage that he assailed that malignant evil that infects and strangles the hearts of his beloveds, we mere human beings? For with a honed, ferocious will to redeem, restore and return us, he set about to make it all right-full once more. Right-ness, goodness, just-ness, grace, mercy, fury—all fused together in a holy, insuperable power that is Love.

There are those that talk about the “scarlet thread” that weaves and twists through history and Scripture, but these days I encounter it all less like a thread and more as a sword of eternally folding steel slicing through time and space, a piercing-ever-forward blade about which all history and life twists and swings.

And when I do encounter it, it always startles me. Inside me, there’s an involuntary quickening, like a quick intake of breath as when meeting ice-cold air or a sharp beauty.

And on days like today, I simply can’t take it in.

(Image: mine)