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Where have I been?!

This afternoon, my hubby and I snuck out out to see Quantum of Solace (review forthcoming, but suffice to say for now that I really liked it) and something happened that rarely does: I saw a trailer I didn't know was out there. Usually, I see the first few seconds of a trailer and lean over to my husband to whisper the name of the film. (I think it drives him crazy, but I can't help it.) But this time, I didn't get what I was watching until a little kid belted out his name--a name that all good Trekkies know: James Tiberius Kirk. Heh. It was actually pretty cool to be surprised--and even more than that, it was good to see a trailer that made me excited about the film. Yeah, I know, there are a multitude of Trekkies out there that are lamenting J.J. Abrams' reboot of the series, but I'm thinking this one is looking like it's gonna be good.

The actual trailer hasn't been released online yet, but there's a bootleg one up at YouTube. I'd embed it here, but chances are the powers that be will get it taken down pretty soon.

(Image: from Star Trek trailer on YouTube)


Ken Brown said…
Wow! Apart from the oddball opening (I half expected to see Mad Max jump out of the car), it looks sweet!
Carmen Andres said…
i think so too, heh. i also love the retro look coupled with the hi-tech.