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It's cold

This past weekend, my best friend passed through the D.C. Metro area and we got to spend some time together. At the Lincoln Memorial, she noticed that it looked as if the birds were walking on the water of the Reflecting Pool between the Lincoln and the Washington Monument (seen in the reflection above). Sure enough. Almost the entire pool was frozen. It's cold.
(Image: mine)


Don Hendricks said…
Alas, I am doomed to another week in the 80s, with the distict possibility of a shockingly cold descent into the 60s on Turkey day. Heh. P.S Saw Quantum of that the most athletic Bond you have ever seen? He keeps passing others on our list of favorite Bonds. I loved the scene where he busted the electronic meeting and sent the "eva dooers" scurrying.

Your desert friend, Don
Awesome photo!

I visited D.C. only once, back in August 2000, and want to come back with a great camera and more time.

It's going to be in the 50s and 60s around here this week, which still seems odd to me after all my years in Arkansas; as a kid in Oregon, I became accustomed to the first snow fall coming some time around Thanksgiving.

Off-topic: Since I have only network TV, I've been been on a binge, renting "Battlestar Gallactica" on DVD for the past several days. I had watched the original series "back in the day" and the miniseries on television, and was intrigued by your various commentaries about the show, and now that I've seen it through the end of Season Three, I really wish I had cable. Ah, well. Great show.
Carmen Andres said…
don, we could use some desert sun right now. brrr. and yes, i think this bond is the best of them all. interestingly, folks keep saying that the borne films have influenced the bond ones; maybe. but bond was more borne-like before borne was even ink on a page. the bond novels started in the 1950s, while borne didn't appear until 1980. these bond films are much closer to the bond of the novels (which i am rather fond of) than any of the previous films.

keanan, in some ways i wish i were you, watching the series for the first time--what an experience! i can't wait for the new season, heh.