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A box you might find worth opening

I don’t usually plug products on this blog, but I must admit that I really have been enjoying Pandora: The Music Genome Project. (Here’s a Wikipedia’s entry, a Washington Post article and a article about the application.) Essentially, you pick a song or artist you like and the application plays it (or a song by the artist)—and then plays additional songs like it from other artists, one after the other. No commercials. And you have the opportunity to say whether you like the song or not, skip up to a certain number songs, and “bookmark” the artist and/or song you like (and, as on my device, buy it from iTunes right then and there). I use this application almost every day, especially when I am cleaning, cooking and doing laundry. Heh, I’m using it right now, as I type.

And did I mention that it’s free? Apparently, streaming music organizations aren't without their controversy. I just hope it works out for all concerned so that aps like this remain available.