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TV Snapshots: We don't get to choose

Well, I guess nobody gets to choose who their parents are. I’m not even sure anymore if we get to choose who are friends are.

--Wilson to House at the end of the "Birthmarks" episode, in which Wilson and House reestablish their friendship; you can see the full episode here

And this makes me think about and go back over Jesus’ summary of all commands (or the Jesus Creed, as Scot McKnight has called it): to love God and love others. Do we get to choose the “others,” those with whom we cross paths, those with whom we reside or live and work beside? Sometimes, those people can seem to be the hardest to love. But that's not nearly always the case. The funny thing is, if we’re paying attention, those with whom we cross paths—our “neighbors”—can become those for whom we are most grateful.

(Image: Fox)