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TV Snapshot: How we carry ourselves

Agent James Ellison visits another FBI agent (who’s also his ex-wife) for some information. Ellison is a church-going Christian (as is the actor who portrays him), but he’s been through a traumatic couple of months, causing him to rethink the world he walks in.

Lila Ellison: You’re not wearing your cross.

James Ellison: How do you know?

Lila Ellison: The way you’re carrying yourself.

--from the "Allison from Palmdale" episode of Terminator: The Sara Connor Chronicles

And that makes me ask myself: How do I carry myself? Not because of a cross I might wear around my neck but because of who I am. And whose I am. Even in the darkness.

(Image: FOX) ttsccctgy


Isn't Richard Jones the one who played the Catholic single dad in "Judging Amy" too?
josephmcbee said…
Good one. And a good question too!
Carmen Andres said…
beth, i think you're right - check out his wikipedia page. looks like he's worked with Tyler Perry, too.

SolShine7 said…
I thought that scene was brilliant! I wanted to reach out shake the screenwriter's hand. hehe.

I thought you'd eventually get around to covering it! Your TV snapshots are the great.
Carmen Andres said…
solshine, you make my day! have a good one yourself! blessings.