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It's Thursday?! Ack.

I can't believe it's Thursday already! Where did the week go? I haven't posted since Monday? Sigh.

Well, lest you think I've just being lazy, well, heh, I haven't. I finished my daughter's 7-foot-long Gryffindor scarf (above) for Halloween (she's going as Hermione), and the kids and I carved pumpkins yesterday afterschool (below).

Also, on the heels of his strep throat last week, my five-year-old son had an ear infection earlier this week, and I had my first meeting as stage manager for a Christmas play the local church we're gathering with is putting on in December (and which my daughter is participating in as well). I also hunted down a gas gap for my husband's car, took my son to a birthday party, hosted a small group of folks in our home and worked on and turned in a freelance writing assignment. Not bad, huh. Heh.