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Funny Quote: A clever way to nudge at that fourth wall, heh

At the end of the most recent episode of Boston Legal, Denny Crane and Alan Shore are sitting on the balcony off Crane’s office, reflecting on their recent victory against the tobacco industry (in the previous week's episode) and an upcoming case against a pharmaceutical company (which began in the current episode)—and also give us viewers a sly commentary on the fact that this is the last season for the Emmy-winning law drama:

Denny Crane: Last week, big tobacco. This week big pharmaceutical.

Alan Shore: Well, why not go out swinging, right?

Crane: Who said we’re going out?

Shore: I read somewhere you should live every year as if it’s your last.

Crane: Really? I can’t imagine that this is our last year. Aren’t there still some time slots we haven’t tried?

--from the "Guardians and Gatekeepers" episode

(Image: screencapture of "Guardians and Gatekeepers", ABC, via TV Guide) miscctgy


Ginger said…
This is an amazing evening program; quirkey, un-suspecting, witty. Denny never leaves his audience predicting. Though Alan seems to "have it all", he also has more issues than first realized & his complex nature makes us all feel better about ourselves. BL has tackled most social/economical issues over the seasons; & while thorougly entertaining it's also never disappointing or to be taken too seriously. I hate to see it go & do wish that ABC would find it another time-slot. I will enjoy on DVD for years to come.