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We're under a Tropical Storm Watch!

Tropical Storm Hannah is expected to fly through Northern Virginia on Saturday, and a Tropical Storm Watch has just been posted for our county. I don't think I've seen one of those since Katrina, which hit the Louisiana/Mississippi area while we were living in Alabama.

I must admit, after living through Hurricane Ivan and watching Katrina do her damage, I'm not all that worried about Hanna. She's caused a lot of death and damage as she hovered over the islands to our south, but she's not posing too much of a risk to this area. That doesn't mean I didn't stock up on supplies, heh. It doesn't take much wind around here to down trees and make the lights flicker.

But I must admit I am concerned about Hurricane Ike, who could do a heck of a lot of damage no matter where he lands. Don't think I want that monster coming my way. Don't want that monster going anyone's way, for that matter. Would be nice if that one curved out to sea.