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I knew there was a reason(s) I like Ebert

Peter Chattaway recently linked to and posted a quote from a blog entry by film critic Roger Ebert, where Ebert responds to the charge that he tends to give out too many stars for films (in other words, he's too "generous"). I couldn't help but grin ear-to-ear as I read Ebert's words, and I especially resonated with this part of his explanation as to what makes him "tilt in a more favorable direction":
I like movies too much. I walk into the theater not in an adversarial attitude, but with hope and optimism (except for some movies, of course). I know that to get a movie made is a small miracle, that the reputations, careers and finances of the participants are on the line, and that hardly anybody sets out to make a bad movie. I do not feel comfortable posing as impossible to please. Film lovers attend different movies for different reasons, all of them valid; did I enjoy "Joe vs. the Volcano" more than some Oscar winners? Certainly.

I walk into theaters the same way; I really love stories and I'm always somewhat giddy at the chance to watch them unfold. And having gotten to know some folks in the movie making business, I so resonate with Ebert regarding the "small miracle" that is born out of the aspirations and work of many of those folks.

And, I must admit, many of those I resonate with the most don't get awards. In fact, half the film posters lining my living room walls are of movies that never made Oscar's radar.

Mr. Ebert, your words are an encouragement to we little folks out here who only do this for fun. Thank you.


Don Hendricks said…
My sentiments exactly Carmen, which is why I have such a good time at the five dollar bin at the DVD store. Most folks won't buy anything that did not make a jillion bucks and be full of shoot em up violence. I look and see a beautiful warm story of love or restoration, or tragedy that resolves, and I know that when I watch it again I will be built up and encouraged or warned and challenged to change. Yeah Ebert.
You've got movie posters lining your living room walls? Photos, please! :)
Doug said…
Peter, I could be totally wrong, but I thought that the photo at the top of this post of Carmen's was one of her walls:

Carmen, can you confirm/correct this as appropriate? Thanks.
Carmen Andres said…
heh, i have nine original film posters hanging in my living room, two more waiting for frames and another three i just ordered and hope will be here in a week or two. they'll have to find other places to hang, ack.

and doug, good eye! yes, that link shows three of them. i'll try to take some more photos and post them later.

collecting original film posters is actually paying off in a way. one of my posters (which i bought for $25) is now worth over $400. and two others are worth over $100 each. but most of them are still worth about what i paid for them ($15-$30), as they aren't award winners (which seems to raise their value). my husband says i should start buying two of each of the ones i think'll make money and then sell the other. but that's not why i collect them - i collect them because the stories resonate with me.

but i must give kudos to my husband for agreeing to use them as a decorating theme, heh. not all spouses would be so generous. helps that he enjoys films too.