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Hanna's bringing us rain--lots of it

This morning, Tropical Storm Hanna started dropping a ton of rain on our area--so far, we've had over 5 inches in about the last three or four hours. They've closed seven roads in our county with more on their way. That's the storm drain at the bottom of our cul-de-sac above (above). The water rushed down the gutters and sidewalks and started forming a small river on the road (below). All that water was simply too much for the storm drain to handle and it started to overflow the sidewalks.

To give you an idea of how much water there was and how fast it was flowing, that's my daughter below standing in the street in front of our house. Amazing.

We've had rain like this before, but not sustained for hours. The gully behind our house is still a rushing creek and the creek it flows into has overflowed it banks. The rain is still coming down, but it's let up some. The weather folks tell us the worst is probably over when it comes to the rain. The wind, however, is starting to pick up, though it isn't too bad.

(Images: mine)


Never Settle said…
Wow! I really miss rain. I grew up in the south and saw plenty but now I live in Arizona. I'm not sure I've seen five inches of rain all year, let alone in one storm!

I love the last picture with the water splashing up over your daughter's (?) legs.
Carmen Andres said…
yep, that's her! it was amazing!