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Food for thought: Soaking up grace

Go and soak in a bathtub full of grace until you are all wrinkley.

--Scott, reflecting on the need for us to experience the grace of God, this morning at St. Margaret's Anglican Church

(Image: mine)


Toby said…
Carmen - cool blog. Loved the bathtub of grace notion. Glad you are faring well in the rainy fallout from Hurricanes G, H, and I. My name is Toby Jones and I came upon your blog recently with interest, particularly the interplay between faith and culture you mention in your profile. If you get a spare moment, please check out my website and my blog at and let me know what you think. Keep up the good work, and stay dry, except when you're all wrinkled up from that bathtub of grace. Toby
Don Hendricks said…
Great comment, is that the official spelling of wrinkley?
I just wrote a few paragraphs on spending the last week watching Season one of Lost, and something malfunctioned when I published and my draft dissappeared. I will have to try again later. That was some rain in your gutter.
Don in AZ
Lauren W said…
What a nice concept. Lovely quote my friend.
Carmen Andres said…
don, i think i mispelled "wrinkly," heh. oh well, i like my spelling better :) and make sure you get that "lost" post up again - i'd love to hear your thoughts!

lauren, i'm glad you liked it!

and toby, i'll visit you soon!

blessings all.
SolShine7 said…
That's beautiful imagery. Thanks for sharing! I definitely need to soak up some more grace.