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Food for thought: Life will out

From "Lay Me Down," a song on Andrew Peterson's The Far Country:

I believe in the holy shores of uncreated light
I believe there is power in the blood
And all of the death that ever was,
If you set it next to life
I believe it would barely fill a cup

. . . . When you lay me down to die
You lay me down to live

To hear most of this song on YouTube, go here for a live recording/video. It's not the best sound, though.

(Image: mine)


Don Hendricks said…
Carmen, that album has gotten so much play since I put it in my collection. In addition to this cut I enjoy All Shall Be Well, and Mountians on the Ocean Floor. I played cuts from this, City of Gold, and a new one just out called Heaven, I bought at Berean which is mostly instrumental and not quiete as strong, in my August Bible Study. O, and I discovered Sarah Grove on a two CD collection.

What great lyrics and well presented also.
Carmen Andres said…
i really enjoy how peterson rewords things we know or are familiar to us but then makes them new, deepens them. i love his lines in "queen of iowa":

"She was pretty as a flower in a crystal vase
It lights up the room as it withers away"


"We sang a hymn to the rhythm of the river that flows
Down from the mountain of the Holy Ghost
And into the souls
Of those who know His name"

it's all beautifully woven together, at least that's my humble opinion.