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'Knowing' gets a little more interesting

This is the new trailer for Knowing, a sci-fi thriller staring Nicolas Cage due out next year. While it already had me interested, I must admit I got a little more interested when I researched the scribes of the flick and found one of the two listed is Stuart Hezeldine, who also adapted John Milton's Paradise Lost, which will be directed by Scott Derrickson (a self-professing Christian), and penned the upcoming remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still (also directed by Derrickson), which has had some God-talk associated with it. Also, interestingly, Hezeldine's first project was a short he both wrote and directed called Christian, which this site describes as "a short film which imagines what would have happened if Jesus Christ had arrived on Earth as a teenage boy in a modern secondary school" and this one lists as a good (though "hard-hitting") resource for youth ministry.

Interesting. Not only because Hezeldine has penned some films with faith themes but because they are also associated with the sci-fi genre, of which I've recently been pondering as to whether or not the genre is becoming more readily associated with faith related themes. Sci-fi (and fantasy as well) has always been conducive to explorations of religion and faith, but am I reaching too far to suggest that the genre might be becoming a safer and more acceptable genre in which to explore these themes?