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Food for Thought: The time has come

From Soul Graffiti: Making a Life in the Way of Jesus by Mark Scandrette:

The announcement by Jesus that "the time has come" was partly an invitation to recognize the connection between the epic story of creation and the particulars of our lives in the here and now. Where we live and the times we live in are the place from which we will seek the God that can be found. We are not here by accident. We were made for this time and place. And our lives are pregnant with meaning and purpose.


It's that meaning and purpose, though, that are sometimes hard to find.

Just the mental knowing that our lives count for something, that God's plan is present even if it is unseen, can sometimes look pale next to the desire for a road map spread out on the table with God's finger pointing at the way we are to travel or the destination where we are meant to arrive.

I'm kinda there now, at that wishing place.
Carmen Andres said…
keanan, i've been there and revisit often. my thoughts and prayers are with you.

if it helps, much of what Scandrette gets at in this book (and one of the reasons i love it so much) is that the purpose and meaning of our lives resides in our ever transforming walk with Jesus and our encounters with others. it rather boils down to loving God and loving those with whom our paths cross as we go. this speaks to me in a very personal way because it reminds me that purpose isn't where we end up but the walk along the way.

that isn't all that comforting at crossroad moments in our lives, but it's still true. the challenge i find is reminding myself of the reality of it (using disciplines like prayer, litanies and meditating on scripture) to the point that i can walk in muck-deep uncertainty with joy. it isn't by any means constant, but it is becoming more frequent. heh, but i must admit i sometimes wish so many of those "opportunities" wouldn't come my way.