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My thoughts on 'Rocky' at Doable Evanglism

I have another post up at Doable Evangelism's blog (one of the many blogs on Jim Henderson's Off the Map site), this one an extension of my thoughts on Rocky Balboa (see my original review here). Here's a taste:
. . . As I watched the film, it dawned on me that essentially Rocky pays attention—and he does it almost by second nature. He pays attention because that is who he is. He has become the kind of person who responds, who automatically picks up on what’s going on around him—be it a light bulb that needs changing or a teenager that needs some time. He has become a person for whom love is a natural response.

That strongly echoes the call we have as followers of Jesus—to become people who love. I want to be a person like that. I want to be the kind of person who pays attention and responds with love because that is who I am. But how do we do that? How do we become the kind of people for whom love is like breathing—sometimes gasping for air, but nonetheless breathing? . . . .

If you're interested, read the rest here. And then check out the rest of the blog here and the Off The Map site here. And if you haven't read Jim Henderson's Evangelism without the Additives (one of my favorite books), well, I highly recommend it.