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Food for thought: The disease--and the cure

From Chapter 4 of Escape to Witch Mountain by Alexander Key:

Tia and Tony are explaining their recent activities to Father O'Day, a priest for in the inner-city St. Paul's Mission. He's asking Tony about his sister Tia's unusual abilities:

"... Tell me, can Tia always open locked doors?"

"She doesn't exactly open them, sir. They seem to open for her. If it's right, I mean."

Bushy eyebrows went up. "Honest? You wouldn't kid a fellow?"

"It's the truth, Father. But we'd rather you didn't tell anyone."

"Tell anyone such a tale? And who would belive me?" The rugged face became dreamy for a moment. "Ah, but what a gift! I wish I had it. The things I could do for people . . ." Then he shook his head. "No, it wouldn't work. if I had such a gift, the devil would be tempting me sure--and confusing me--every minute of the day. He's hard enough to fight now."

Tia asked a question, and Tony said for her, "Tia can't talk, Father, but she wants to know if you really believe in the devil."

"Of course I believe in the devil!" the deep voice said. "Look about you. It took the devil himself to build this part of the city. But don't think of him as a personage. Look upon him as a disease. A sneaky, foul, and dreadful sort of thing. Get's into peoples hearts and minds . . . ."

For another Food for Thought along this line, see Wayne Jacobsen's thoughts on the disease-like nature of sin--and the "cure" Jesus offers.

(Image: public domain via wikipedia)