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A day early

The Atlantic Hurricane season starts tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Stay Safe!!

I just wanted to let you know that I finally watched The "Assissination of Jesse James..." and wrote a review over at my blog. Good reccommendation! I really liked it.
jeleasure said…
Hi Carmen,
I have not commented on any of your post before. I found your blog profile when I clicked on my location.
Each day I spend some time browsing profiles to meet new people. What drew me in to comment is, you are a writer. I know one writer. His name is Gwyn Davis. I'm his plumber. He is a Christian. Gwyn writes mainly about law and family issues.
I wanted to discuss community with you when I saw your " 'Lost' in community" blog. However, it is the show you were discussing. So, I will cut to the chase and tell you that I have done some writing. The only project I have ever put a lot of myself into is the one I am currently posting to my blog page.
I wrote it when I was asked to explain why I believe in "that junk" (Christianity). I was asked by a man who is involved with the Five Percent Nation of Islam. I asked him if I could write some things down. As I began to answer his question, I realyzed my answers were going to provoke more questions. So, I had to find a bottom line and start with that. The end result was a seven chapter manuscript I put togeather in a month. I gave him my bottom line beginning. The first chapter discusses why God created us. Then I attempted the second chapter entitled "Atonement". I did not get a chance to give him the rest of what I had written. He became incarcerated. However, I wrote the manuscript and attempted to have it published by Beacon Hill Press. I'm sure, your being a writer will allow you to understand the implications of what I am about to paraphrase from their letter. In not having notoriety, it would be expensive for the publisher to risk publishing my project.
Thanks for be receptive to comments.
Troy said…
I live in Birmingham so we watch the tropics pretty closely here.

What are your thoughts on the remake of "The Andromeda Strain"?
Carmen Andres said…
troy, i hate to admit, but i haven't watched it yet! joseph (above) wrote up an interesting post about it, though.

and jeleasure, good luck on your writing endeavors - it can be a hard life, but it is rewarding!