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Hat tip to my friend Lenore (whose husband just started a blog on Cinema, Rhetoric & Society), who emailed this to a few of us girl-folk. Maybe you have to be a parent to appreciate this. Then again (judging by the number of hits this thing has had), maybe not. Heh.


(laughing) Reminds me a little of my nieces, one of whom is 10 years, the other about 10 months, and how they interacted during their Christmas visit here.

Also reminds me of the kids I work with at the Boys & Girls Club. Give 'em a couple minutes, and they'll find something inane to do; another couple minutes, and they'll forget the pain and do it again.

Come to think of it, we adults sometimes do the same!
Carmen Andres said…
oh, c'mon - we grownups know better! heh.