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TV Snapshot: The masks we wear

All of us wear masks. They can be worn out of love and the desire to remain close to those around us, to spare them from the complicated reality of our frayed psyches. We trade honesty for companionship, and in the process never truly know the hearts closest to us . . . .

True evil doesn’t give us time to fight. Or to be afraid. We keep our heads down, never bothering to look behind the masks. And in doing so, we resign ourselves to terrible fates we can never see coming.

--Sarah’s voiceover from the beginning and end of the “Vick’s Chip” episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
(Image: from a poster for the series at Fox) ttsccctgy


I wish I'd had this quote for Ash Wednesday. The Matthew passage for Ash Wednesday talks about not being a hypocrite, which has ties to the theater and wearing a mask. I'm filing this for use next year though. Thanks