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Touching heaven and earth

The kids are on their spring break from school, so today we drove into D.C. to tour the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History. Since a zillion other kids are on spring break and the Museum is located directly on the Washington Mall (an open expanse running about two miles along two main streets in the Capitol), it literally took us about an hour to find a parking space--which gave all three of us lessons in practicing genuine prayer, patience and gratefulness for the fortune of so many others finding parking spaces.

But it was really worth it, both for the spiritual disciplines and the Museum itself. Perhaps it was because of both that I just couldn't take in how such a small space on this planet could contain matter from the far reaches of time and the depths of space. We looked dinosaur bones and skeletons that were tens of millions years old, contemplated a piece of rock from the moon and stuck our fingers in the holes of an iron meteor that had traveled from the vacuum of stardusted space to the soil of Earth. Amazing. Indeed, when I consider the wonders His hands have made, I scarce can take it in.

(the hand of a giant land sloth, whose fingers are like King Kong's)

(my daughter's hand on a meteor)

(a moon rock)