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Wacky weather

From this . . .
to this . . .
in the same week. Thunderstorms and a balmy 77F to snow showers and 31F. Open windows to extra blankets. T-shirts to parkas. Flip flops to boots. Oiy.



Audrey said…
"forty days"

hey there - i am emailing because awhile back - you posted a thing called "forty days" whcih i believe was a slide show with jesus going through the testing in the wilderness. it looks as those the user who put it on youtube has taken it away. i wondered if i could get my hands on it because i used to have it a couple of years ago but i deleted i. let me know if you can or can't. i like your blog. i also blog at

Carmen Andres said…
i'm so sorry, but i only had the link to the youtube version. if you find, please let me know - i liked, too!